Choki III Od Úhoště x Aoraki Highlander Hill

Data di consegna: 20-12-2021
Madre: Choki III Od Úhoště
Padre: Aoraki Highlander Hill
Allevatore: od Úhoště
Telefono: + 420 604506884
Sito Web:
Località: Suchý Důl 7, 43151 Klášterec nad Ohří
Choki III Od Úhoště
ED 0
DM: n/DM
DW: n/n
Aoraki Highlander Hill
ED 0
DM: n/n
DW: n/DW

This will be another litter from which very interesting puppies could be born for further breeding. Again, I will use a male that has a purely Czech / Slovak pedigree, the original blood, not devalued by imports. As usual, my Ali Reolup appears twice in the pedigree of the puppies. There are also other favorites of my favorites in the pedigree, which were not used much in Czech breeding. Such as the big, colorful and hairy Cuki Amant Gris and Czambor z Vlčího dubu or the amazing and friendly Cork Stín vlka. All in one pedigree. These will be highly expected puppies, I am very much looking forward to them. I hope for a quality exterior of puppies and a very friendly nature. A dog from such a mating could be an interesting and used stud male. I expect puppies of medium body frame, I hope for longer fur and interesting, rich colors. And I would like to add that in the pedigree of these puppies there are again not individuals who are overused in Czech breeding and occur in most Czech pedigrees. I try to avoid such in my breeding.

Gen. Nome Contributo Sangue % Cons % HD ED
4,5,6,6,6 Ali Reolup Ali Reolup0,66651% 14.0625% 17,11% HD A -
5,6,7 Amálka od Buližníku CS Amálka od Buližníku CS0,16427% 5.46875% 16,21% HD A -
5,6,7,7,7,7 Bety Zepeř CS Bety Zepeř CS0,05426% 7.8125% 13,4% HD C -
5,6,7,7,7,7 Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu CS0,05653% 7.8125% 18,08% HD A -